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Still Sunday – not so difficult.

So a lovely elderly lady came to my house this evening, she lives a few doors up, I’ve spoken to her a few times whern she’s been walking her dog in the lane behind my place, where I sometimes go to speak to another lady who lives behind me, we usually stand outside my back gate so the elderly lady often stops to say hello.

She was carrying an animal basket and I have to admit, my heart sunk, I thought she had found my boy hurt and was returning him to me. Let me stop to elaborate on why I didn’t just assume he was alive and well; trying to get either of my boys in a cat carry case is a nightmare, all 3 of us usually end up with multiple injuries and vile tempers, needless to say, it’s an ordeal. So i naturally assumed that he’d have to have been incapacitated to have gone in the animal box, and the elderly lady had no visible injuries whatsoever. (I usually end up looking like i’ve been in a fight with Wolverine.)

However, he was perfectly unharmed and happy enough, she apologised profusley to me as she had been shut in her shed since Friday. She had heard him yowlling all day Friday and Saturday but simply thought that one of the families nearby was not caring for their pet properly! She went out this evening to water her plants andw as chattering to herself about anot being able to locate her watering can when the yowlling started again, she opened the shed and there he was!

Obviously I told her there was no need for apologies, and I will take her some flowers later in the week in thanks. One thing I did notice though was the overwhelming amount of messages of care and hope I recieved from friends and family. It was very humbling to see that in my time of need I have people there for me, it’s not something Ive ever really noticed before, it has taken me some time to rebuild any sort of social network since I moved down here and I really, genuinely appreciated every single message and call.

Thank you to all from the bottom of my patched up heart, it means the world it really does.

Sunday – it’s difficult.

Today marks 72 hours since one of my babies was last seen. Both of my cats are such habitual creatures (like their owner)that it’s pretty clear something has stopped him coming home.

In all honesty I spent the morning breaking my heart, I’ve tried to blame myself, blame circumstance, blame anything I could. I’ve had some time to think and I know now I need to let go of the need to apportion blame to anyone, least of all myself.

I am holding onto a small sliver of hope that he has been shut in somewhere and will come home looking a bit scruffy, but being ever the pessimist I am pretty convinced I’ll not see him again.

So to keep myself busy I’ve broken my Sunday rule and have done some exercise not a lot but a little something to keep me busy.

Please come home Groot, my life will definitely be less bright without you in it!

Cats care.

I watched a super sad cat video and cried.

For those who don’t want to feel like you’ve had your heart ripped out I will just describe it. A cat watches a video of its owner (now deceased) on a phone, then proceeds to cuddle up on the phone and look like it’s about to cry. I mean, this video is on a sadness par with Simba trying to wake his dad up.

I told my partner about it and the conversation ran thusly;

Me: Describes video to him then turn to my own cats and tell them they had better do that if they out live me.

E: they will, I will make sure they do.

Me: really?

E: of course dear.

Some comfortable silence ensues.

E: Besides, if you die, I will finally be able to have cats.

I’m feeling the love right now. He’s literally waiting for me to kick the bucket so he can inherit my pets.

For anyone who wants to watch it you can do so here.

Bring tissues.

I think I should get more tea before I start this….

I’m assuming this post should be a little bit about me, who I am and what I do.
So here goes;

I’ll start with the easy bits – What I do.
I write – fiction (if I’ve set it up correctly my other blog will be accessible from a link on the top right corner of this page) at the moment I’ve only released a snippet as I’m still on the fence about other people reading what I write.

I read – A lot. I’m currently re-reading the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan. I am also reading the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher for the first time and am already in love with Harry. If you have not read them – go do it.

I play games – various different PC games, I’m a pretty big Skyrim fan and I am immensely looking forward to TE6. Other games I have dabbled in include (but are not limited to – I couldn’t list them all) World of Warcraft, Magic the Gathering, Elder scrolls Oblivion, League of Legends (though not anymore) and Minecraft.

I cook – I love food.
I knit – not very well.

I survive – this is actually pretty important, and leads me onto the bit about who I am. In truth, I think I’m still finding that out, I can tell you for certain I am not the same person I was ten years ago and will probably be different in another ten years. I’ve spent far too much time trying to be someone I thought other people needed or wanted me to be and it’s taken me many years to realise that I can be whoever the hell I bloody like. This being said, I am now on a rather late road of self-discovery, but I figured if I didn’t start now, then when?

I am a cat mum – I have two pet cats that are 4 years old, whom I have proudly raised from kittens of 8 weeks old. Unfortunately, they were born with silver spoons in their tiny mouths (inserted by me) and now seem to think they own the place. Which they do if I am honest, but they are wonderful company when you live alone, and when my partner comes to stay, they make us into a nice little family of 4. incidentally if you do not like cat pictures then this will not be the place for you.

I would say I’ve come a long way and have a long way to go, I have a fair few mental health issues which I’m sure I will discuss once I feel more comfortable blogging. I was inspired to do this by Jenny Lawson, and I’m sure she has inspired many others like me to do the same thing. She’s a grade A human being, and I genuinely think she might just be my spirit animal. if you have not read her blog (but you probably have) then go and read it now.

I think that’s it, for now, obviously there’s more than that but if I write it all in one big post I thin that defies the point of having the blog in the first place.
I will leave you with a picture of my babies, cats, pets…sod it they’re like my children.