Sunday – it’s difficult.

Today marks 72 hours since one of my babies was last seen. Both of my cats are such habitual creatures (like their owner)that it’s pretty clear something has stopped him coming home.

In all honesty I spent the morning breaking my heart, I’ve tried to blame myself, blame circumstance, blame anything I could. I’ve had some time to think and I know now I need to let go of the need to apportion blame to anyone, least of all myself.

I am holding onto a small sliver of hope that he has been shut in somewhere and will come home looking a bit scruffy, but being ever the pessimist I am pretty convinced I’ll not see him again.

So to keep myself busy I’ve broken my Sunday rule and have done some exercise not a lot but a little something to keep me busy.

Please come home Groot, my life will definitely be less bright without you in it!

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