Cats care.

I watched a super sad cat video and cried.

For those who don’t want to feel like you’ve had your heart ripped out I will just describe it. A cat watches a video of its owner (now deceased) on a phone, then proceeds to cuddle up on the phone and look like it’s about to cry. I mean, this video is on a sadness par with Simba trying to wake his dad up.

I told my partner about it and the conversation ran thusly;

Me: Describes video to him then turn to my own cats and tell them they had better do that if they out live me.

E: they will, I will make sure they do.

Me: really?

E: of course dear.

Some comfortable silence ensues.

E: Besides, if you die, I will finally be able to have cats.

I’m feeling the love right now. He’s literally waiting for me to kick the bucket so he can inherit my pets.

For anyone who wants to watch it you can do so here.

Bring tissues.

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